Greggway Updates

Compressed archive in ZIP format [1.5 MB]

Note: Steps to install the 4.8.1-125 gwsd.w3 file.

  1. Double click UPDATES to start the download.
  2. When asked, select OPEN. This will install the exe into a temporary directory on your hard disk.
  3. When asked, you must select the C:/GWSD directory else the existing gwsd.w3 file will not be replaced.

This is a bullet proof, bug free (I can dream can't I) version of Greggway.


This will NOT affect your HVAC or PIPE data files.


This will take about 8 minutes using a 56k modem.


Note: If Greggway does not open with a full blue screen after checking the HVAC or PIPE Estimate Buttons please download the Full Sceen replacement files shown later on in the page.


Thanks for using Greggway

Compressed archive in ZIP format [17.5 KB]

Note: To download load this file you MUST

  1. Right click on the file
  2. In the drop menu select "Save Target As' and save into the c:\gwsd directory on your hard disk.

The auxdat99.asf file has the AIRCON table which you may use to estimate packaged airconditionings jobs.

GWSD Workspace
Compressed archive in ZIP format [974.1 KB]

Download and install these files to have Greggway open with a full blue screen. The default Greggway blue screen that fills the full screen without the Windows borders.

The gwsd0.pif and gwsd0.exe files have their attributes set to display a full screen.


Double click and when asked select Open - Extract - Always to overwrite the existing files in the c:/gwsd directory.


Download should take about one minute.


You must re-boot after the files are installed.