How much will Greggway cost?

There is a monthly rental charge plus monthly usage charge. The rental change is $5.00 per usage and the usage charge is $1.00 per each day for the HVAC or PIPE System. Now, a $1.00 per day for each system would be completely unreasonable so the maximum monthly usage charge is limited to $10.00 per month.


If you use both systems every day for a month the total monthly charge would be $5.00 monthly rent plus $10.00 usage for a maximum charge of $15.00.


If you used the HVAC system one day a week for four weeks the total monthly charge would be $5.00 plus $4.00 for a maximum monthly charge of $9.00.

How do I pay?

The order form on Greggway's home page has a unique 10-digit number than changes each time the system is activated.

Just click on the ORDER button: complete the form with the amount of your order and your credit card number: click on the SUBMIT button to send you order by email or print the form and fax it.


Greggway will use the unique 10-digit number and you order amount to create a 5-digit and a 10-digit number that will be sent to you.


You will enter these two numbers into the ACTIVATE form (it is on the Greggway Home Page) and your account balance will be adjusted and displayed in the first frame in Greggway's Home Page.


Your current account balance will automatically adjusted as you use the Greggway System.

Do I have to be connected to the Internet?

No. After you have downloaded Greggway from the Internet you may disconnect your phone. All of the Greggway files and your cost data will be stored on your computer.


The Internet is only used to distribute Greggway at a minimum of cost.


Does the piping system have a table for plastic pipe?

No. The piping systems has a set of "starter tables" with material and labor units. Schedule 40 Black and Galvanized, Copper Tubing, NoHub, TySeal and AIRCON.


You may edit the Greggway Tables or you may create your own tables from scratch.  AIRCON is an example of a table that was created to estimate packaged air conditioning systems.


Where can I obtain more information?
Greggway has a 228-Page HVAC and 128-Page manual: There is a HELP button on the Home Page of the downloaded system plus you may call (323) 665-5891 for help on using the system. Or e-mail your address to us and we will send you additional information.